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Ontario Investing in Local Emergency Preparedness and Response in Thunder Bay – Atikokan

Targeted investments will help keep communities safe during emergencies

May 10th, 2024

Thunder Bay — The Ontario government is investing $245,799 in Thunder Bay – Atikokan to help them prepare for and respond to emergencies. Funding is being delivered through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant, a $5 million investment to help communities and organizations purchase critical supplies, equipment and deliver training and services.

“I am pleased to see the Province of Ontario stepping up to support Emergency Preparedness for our local municipalities,” said MPP Kevin Holland, Thunder Bay – Atikokan. “As a former Mayor I am well aware of the need to provide emergency information and a safe refuge for residents who are experiencing an emergency such as flooding, fires or power outages. These funds will ensure that municipalities are able to keep their residents safe until conditions improve.”

The following Communities in Thunder Bay – Atikokan has received funding:

  • Nolalu Emergency Services Team Inc – $49,060
  • The Corporation of the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge – $49,200
  • Corporation of the Township of Conmee – $50,000
  • The Corporation of the Township of O’Connor – $50,000
  • The Corporation of the Municipality of Neebing – $47,539

“Through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant, our government is stepping up to ensure Ontario is safe, practiced and prepared for any type of emergency,” said Caroline Mulroney, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for Emergency Management. “From floods to wildland fires, these targeted investments will empower communities and organizations to enhance their emergency response. Whether it’s building up local fire departments or enabling more efficient search and rescue operations, our government is giving communities the tools and resources they need to keep people safe.”

The funding is supporting 113 recipients across Ontario including municipalities, local services boards, First Nation communities, Tribal Councils, Indigenous service organizations and non-governmental organizations with mandates in emergency preparedness.

“The Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge thanks the Provincial Government for their financial assistance through the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant.  It is with their support that we were able to purchase Suppression and Property Protection Equipment which will assist our Volunteer Fire Department in the protection of our community in the event of forest fires.  We thank the Conservative Provincial Government for recognizing how essential their support is for equipping our Volunteer Fire Departments.” – Lucy Kloosterhuis, Mayor of Oliver Paipoonge

“Neebing gratefully acknowledges the receipt of the Emergency Preparedness Grant from the Province and Emergency Management Ontario. This grant will provide backup generators in two strategic locations and ensure the Municipality can better respond when disaster strikes to preserve life, health, and property in Neebing.” –  Mark Thibert, Mayor of Neebing

“The municipality of the township of Conmee is pleased to be able to provide reliable service to our residents in an emergency situation in which the municipality will be fully prepared. This funding will provide the assurance that we can and will be prepared for the uncertainty of what we may be forced to deal with.” – Sheila Maxwell, Mayor of Conmee

“The funding from the Community Emergency Preparedness Grant (CEPG), in the amount of $50,000, will help support the Township of O’Connor’s emergency response. With this funding, the Township of O’Connor will ensure emergency preparedness and readiness by purchasing two automatic starting generators the Township Fire Hall and Garage, as well as a transfer switch to power the Community Centre from the Township’s Office generator.  These upgrades will provide a backup power source to supply heat and electricity to our Municipal buildings, ensuring that equipment will run efficiently and allow employees and volunteers to respond without delay. As the Township’s Reception Centre in an emergency is the O’Connor Community Centre, the Township will be able to provide its residents with reliable access to running water, food storage, heat and power for personal medical devices and safety equipment. The Township of O’Connor would like to thank the Province of Ontario for this funding opportunity to help keep our Community Emergency Prepared. “ –  Jim Vezina, Mayor of O’Connor

“Nolalu Emergency Services Team would like to thank the Ontario government for recognizing the needs of unincorporated communities with regards to emergency preparedness funding. As many are aware small municipalities and unincorporated communities operate with a strict budget with limited resources, and funding opportunities like this one are essential for obtaining much needed equipment and resources they would otherwise be unable to afford to purchase. The Community Emergency Preparedness Grant will allow NEST to expand their capabilities to respond quickly and safely to community emergencies such as wildfires and floods by expanding their communication abilities during a crisis, as well as their capacity to operate in a power outage.” – Sarah Shoemaker, Nolalu Fire Chief

The Community Emergency Preparedness Grant is part of the $110 million the government earmarked over the next three years to strengthen emergency preparedness in Ontario. The province will continue to make substantial investments and expand training programs to support Ontario’s whole-of-government approach to emergency management and response.


  • Eligible applicants had to be located in Ontario and included:
  • Non-governmental organizations that have a mandate in emergency preparedness
  • Local services boards
  • First Nation communities; Indigenous organizations, including Tribal Councils; and other Indigenous service organizations that support emergency management programming in First Nation communities
  • Small- and medium-sized municipalities (those with populations under 100,000 as per Statistics Canada data from 2021)
  • Recipients were selected through a rigorous and competitive review process.
  • The Community Emergency Preparedness Grant is one of the ways the government is ensuring that communities are as safe and prepared as possible. In April, Ontario released its first annual report on the Provincial Emergency Management Strategy and Action Plan, reporting on progress made in 2023 to move emergency management forward.