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Queen’s Park: October 28th

Participating in our democratic process by putting your names on a ballot to represent your community is something that you should all be proud of.

That was my message at Queen’s Park following Monday’s municipal election. I look forward to working with the new councils and mayors in the upcoming term.

The week began with a productive meeting with Alstom officials as we look at ways to get more work for workers in Thunder Bay.

Thank You For Running In The Election!


Thank you for running in the election!

♬ original sound – Kevin Holland MPP

Atikokan Mayor Dennis Brown

I also had the opportunity to wish my friend Dennis Brown the best in retirement. Brown served in public office for 38 years, being first elected as Reeve in 1980 and later became the Mayor in 1998 when Atikokan became a Town instead of a Township.

I also had the pleasure of attending an event at the Thunder Bay Museum.

Parks Canada was putting on a presentation about the process for nominating places, persons and events which shaped the history of Canada.

Local designations include Terry Fox, the former Finnish Labour Temple, and Grain Transshipment at the Lakehead.

Staff photo from Wednesday, October 27, 2022

More Homes Built Faster Act

I rose again in Queen’s Park to share the time with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark as well as the Associate Minister of Housing Michael Parsa.

The More Homes Built Faster Act addresses the barriers that cause housing delays.

The more we delay in building, the higher the costs become.

I also believe that Municipal fees should help build infrastructure not earn interest.

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Enjoy the weekend!