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August 2023 Monthly Review

Funding Overview

Month Overview

Annual Overview

Investments in the Riding

Infrastructure Upgrades in Oliver Paipoonge

Thanks to the NOHFC, we are investing over $842,000 in two significant infrastructure projects. This includes vital renovations at the Murillo & Rosslyn Community Centres and state of the art upgrades at Norwest Arena.

A big shoutout to the volunteers, the dedication and relentless efforts they have provided with this funding amplifies the heartbeat of the Oliver Paipoonge community, showcasing what’s possible when passion meets purpose.

Women’s Baseball World Cup Infrastructure Investment

We are happy to announce that the NOHFC has granted $258,500 in funds to bolster the infrastructure and equipment for the Women’s Baseball World Cup right here in Thunder Bay!

The 6 teams from Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Korea, and Hong Kong China, are set to compete for the World Cup starting August 8th.

Good luck Team Canada – wishing you the best on the field!

Thanks to this funding, attendees and players will enjoy:

Accessible bleachers, Batting cages & tunnels, A refaced stadium scoreboard, Three new time clocks, Temporary outfield fencing, Updated rubbers, plates, & bases.

Thunder City Speedway Announcement

I was pleased to attend the Thunder City Speedway to announce NOHFC funding under the Invest North Program for upgrades to the Speedway’s fencing, lighting, bleachers and sound system.

I’m thrilled to see stock car racing return to the Thunder Bay area. Congratulation to the owners, drivers and fans!

Atikokan General Hospital Funding

We are thrilled to announce that the Atikokan General Hospital will receive $551,525 under the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund for 2023!

This crucial funding will enable critical upgrades to the hospital’s water system and electrical service and distribution systems.

This investment is part of the government’s commitment to invest more than $208 million in 2023 to support necessary upgrades, repairs, and maintenance in Ontario hospitals.

Providing More Affordable Housing in the Thunder Bay District

I’m pleased to introduce funding for affordable housing to Indigenous peoples within our community.

Stage one, is the first step of a six-phase expansive development build that will ultimately create 70 units.

This upcoming three-story structure will cost $3,994,000, to help create 12 units, 20% of which will be fully accessible.

Completion of Highway 11/17 Widening

The Ontario government has completed the widening of Highway 11/17 between Ouimet and Dorion East Loop, marking the seventh section of a larger project to widen 100 km of the highway between Thunder Bay and Nipigon.

This $74.8 million project, funded equally by provincial and federal governments, will enhance traffic flow, improve safety, and support economic growth in the North.

Full News Release:…/ontario-completes-widening-of…

Ontario Providing Supportive Housing for Young People in Thunder Bay

We appreciate the continued investments Minister Clark’s ministry is making in our region!

The Ontario Government is providing 8.7 Million through the Indigenous Supportive Housing Program to help create 58 transitional housing units for youth in Thunder Bay.

Events in the Riding

Leonard Arps Retirement

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Leonard Arps on his retirement as Public Works Manager for Conmee Township.

Thunder Bay Pulp and Paper Mill Tour with MPP Ric Bresee

Over the weekend we had the great opportunity to tour the Thunder Bay Pulp and Paper Mill with MPP Ric Bresee!

It was amazing to see the daily operations first hand and to talk with General Manager Kent Ramsay about the future of the mill.

Annual Fur Managers Convention

Congratulations to the Ontario Fur Managers Federation for another incredible Annual Fur Managers Convention.

The dedication shown towards the conservation and sustainability of furbearers and their ecosystems are commendable.

Thank you to all the trappers who came out, the amount of appreciation and support given to the association were abundant.

Exciting News happening from the Ring of Fire Region in Northwestern Ontario!

The Ring of Fire region, spanning 5,000 sq km, is on the brink of a monumental transformation! This land, enriched with vital minerals like lithium, chromite, cobalt, nickel, copper, platinum, and more, is set to be a significant economic pillar for Ontario.

Such minerals are crucial for the rise of low/zero-emission vehicles, leading us towards a cleaner sustainable global economy.

A major step in tapping into this vast potential is establishing all-season road access. This road network will decrease the cost of delivering essential goods and also help local communities have easier access to essential goods, health care, and vital services.

Shoutout to two major ongoing road projects: Marten Falls Community Access Road and the Webequie Supply Road that the First Nations are deeply involved, ensuring environmental sustainability every step of the way.

The Ring of Fire’s development is a great opportunity for Northwestern Ontario, that will create more jobs, increase economic growth, and help leap towards a greener future.

2023 World Police and Fire Games

Thunder Bay City Police Triumph at the 2023 World Police and Fire Games in Winnipeg!
Hats off to our very own Thunder Bay officers who’ve done us proud!

🥇10 Golds, 🥈7 Silvers, 🥉3 Bronze

Here’s the tally:

Det. Rick Popwich crushed the 120kg+ bench press record for the 55-59yo division. 🏋️, Det.-Const. Shane Baker is an archery maven! 🏹, Gold in men’s traditional long/recurve, 50+ division, 900 target, Gold in Field Archery, traditional division, Gold in 3D archery, Staff Sgt. Joe Dampier shone in archery & athletics, Silver in freestyle unlimited compound target archery, Gold in men’s high jump & decathlon, Det.-Const. Ryan Doucette, our sharpshooter, Golds in 22-yard & 16-yard trap shoots & overall trap events, Silvers in skeet shooting double, single & team events, sporting clays shoot, sporting clays team shoot, overall shotgun events, and Team Skeet, Bronzes in 16-yard, 22-yard & doubles trap team events, Sgt. John Read aced the 120kg bench press for the 55-59yo division.

A round of applause for their outstanding efforts and for raising the bar for Thunder Bay!

Smart Modular Tour

Had an interesting meeting and tour at Smart Modular Canada, with owner Bill Boulton and Sales Manager Thunder Bay Region, Chris Holland. Smart Modular is currently building classrooms and housing for remote sites.

Silver Islet General Store

We stopped in to visit our friends at the Silver Islet General Store. Next time you’re at the Sleeping Giant, stop in and say hi to these awesome folks!

Upsula Seniors Social Club

I was pleased to attend a luncheon and meet with residents at the Upsula Senior’s Social Club.

Meetings in the Riding

Meeting with Chief Fleury and Deputy Chief Hughes

Great to connect with Chief Fleury and Deputy Chief Hughes again! These ongoing discussions are crucial to advancing the best interests of our residents in Thunder Bay and area.

I absolutely value receiving feedback and recommendations from the experts on the ground. On behalf of our constituents and the provincial government, thank you for your service and we wish you safety and wellness.

Meeting with Atlas Holdings and Resolute Pulp and Paper Mill

Was great to meet with Kent Ramsay of Thunder Bay Pulp and Papers and

David Filippelli and Paul Black of Atlas Holdings on the acquisition of the Resolute Pulp and Paper Mill!

Meeting with Evergreen Pharmacy Owners

I had the chance to meet with the owners of the Evergreen Pharmacy in Kakabeka Falls.

This Pharmacy is an amazing addition to the community and is providing a much needed service for the residences.

Keep up the good work guys!!

Meeting with Rob Kilgour from VON

I had the opportunity to meet with Rob Kilgour and his dedicated team at the newer VON location. What great views of the Nor ‘Wester Mountains and the Sleeping Giant over Lake Superior!

We are so happy for the VON team that they now have this improved space from which to continue offering the compassionate care and services our community members have come to rely on.

From the adult day program to dining, home help, support and maintenance, seniors group exercise, nursing at home and palliative care services and programs, we thank you for all you have done and will surely continue to do!

Wishing you health and wellness.

In Case You Missed It…

The Great Lighthouse Rescue

After a 3-year hiatus, a longstanding United Way Thunder Bay community fundraiser has returned!

On June 28th we survived The Great Lighthouse Rescue! In less than 12 weeks, we not only weathered the storm but surpassed our fundraising goal, reaching over $80,000!

On behalf of the united way, thank you to all of our partners, sponsors, and the community for the success of this inaugural Great Lighthouse Rescue. No boats capsized, no passengers overboard – just an outpouring of Local Love.

150th Anniversary of Point of Porphyry Lighthouse

We celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Point of Porphyry Lighthouse. A beacon of hope on Lake Superior, it has guided countless ships and embodies tales of survival.

We’re thrilled to unveil a model of the original lighthouse, masterfully crafted by the HammarskjoldHigh School woodworking class.

This stunning replica pays tribute to the original’s ingenuity and craftsmanship. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the organizing committee and everyone involved in making this celebration reality!

Pioneer Centre Funding

We announced that the Pioneer Centre, Atikokan’s very own SALC, is set to receive:

$11,400 in Operating Funding

$5,205 in Special Grant Funding

These resources ensure that our seniors, even those in remote areas, have access to vital programs and services that promote health, independence, and community connection.

Across Ontario, nearly 300 Seniors Active Living Centres are backed by a robust provincial investment, proving how integral these hubs are for our elders. From fitness and wellness classes to financial management workshops, SALCs offer an incredible range of activities. Thanks to Minister Raymond Cho for continuously championing our senior community!

NorWest Community Health Centre’s Receive Grant

The NorWest Community Health Centres’ Digital Navigation Project has achieved remarkable strides in enhancing our community’s digital literacy. Made possible by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this project received the Resilient Communities Grant of $100,000 to introduce tablets and training at the Kakabeka site, greatly benefiting our seniors.

A shoutout to the Volunteer Health Champions who’ve transformed the way our community accesses essential information. Their dedication ensures timely and informed health decisions.

The project has not only boosted digital knowledge but has emphasized cyber safety, and strengthened community connections through in-person interactions.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s 40 years of incredible work has left an indelible mark on our communities, investing over $110M in the past year alone. Their support for the Digital Navigation project showcases their unwavering commitment to a resilient Ontario.

50th Annual Beaver Ball

We were honored to attend the 50th annual Beaver Ball at Fort William Historical Park.

This event serves as a reminder that beyond the walls of this majestic fort, there lies a community of individuals who work tirelessly to preserve our rich history and heritage.

Thank you to past and present staff members, devoted alumni and friends of Fort William Historical Park for your commitment to preserving our past and inspiring the future.

Northern Lakes K-12 School Tour in Atikokan

I was privileged to tour the Northern Lakes K-12 School in Atikokan and see firsthand the significant improvements to this important community asset!

Please join me in congratulating the students, educators, staff, and parents who are so excited for all students to begin the 2023-2024 school year in the great new space!

Thank you also to Mayor Ferguson, Members of Council and Jason Young for their continued support of all residents of Atikokan.


Passing of Constable Craig Town

My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of retired Constable Craig Town, a hero who gave so much in service to our community.

His resilience and strength after a tragic incident thirty years ago have left a lasting impact on all who knew him. Craig’s legacy of bravery, compassion and determination will always be remembered.